Boyf that all girls want !

  1. when she misses you - (she's actually hurting inside)
  2. when she stares at your mouth - (kiss her)
  3. when she pushes or hits you - (grab her and don't let go)
  4. when u see her at her worst - (tell her she's beautiful)
  5. when u see she start crying - (just hold or hug her and don't say a word)
  6. when she teases you - (tease her back and make her laugh)
  7. when she grab at ur hands - (hold her and play with her fingers)
  8. when she tells u a secret - (keep it safe and untold)
  9. when she look at u in ur eyes - (dnt look away until she does)
  10. when she says she's ok - (dnt believe her but talk with her. actually, she's not ok)
  11. when she starts cursing at you - (kiss her and tell her dat u love her)