Deeper Conservation

I DO have a  heart. by himitsuhana

See with your
eye. Not with your heart.

Yeah, its true what they say, follow your heart if you're making some kind of decision, because, fortunately, your heart knows the best.
Listening to your heart is a pure , deep kind of listening. Because we can only hear our heart beats, but we can't hear the contents inside.

That's because there's difference between hearing and listening.

Hearing is when you just dengar apa dia kata without knowing the true meanings. Listening is by using your heart, which means, you're really listening, understanding what one's talking about. In other words, its sorta like a
deep hearing.

But when it comes to see-ing, the heart doesn't really do much ya know. Its because, if you see with your hearts, you'll intend to think what your heart knows. What
you know.

Misalnya, in drawing. If your draw, with passion, by your heart, eventually the painting will turn out perfect, but honestly, tak sama dengan apa yang ada depan kau. As I said, you'll intend to draw what you think its supposed to be.

The fact is, the object infront of you is different. Because its NOT perfect unlike what you think it is. Of course bila kita melukis, kita expect bentuk anggur sama bujur semua. But when you see it with your eyes, its really not.

The key is, to look properly. With your eyes.

But looking with eyes has its limit though. Like, when you look at hot girls. What you really see is that, they're just thrash. Bimbo thrash. The only way to see through them is by knowing them. In order to know them, you have to learn the by heart. See them by heart.

Because eyes can sometime decieve you by giving the impression that those hot girls are thrash. See? Your eyes can't look through human. Your heart could.

Alaahh, semua organ penting. Banyak bunyik pulak. Gomen ne ?
The point is, I don't want people to judge others by their outer appearance. Like I used to do. Still do infact