If you as a Boyfriend ;


1) 1) You see that your girlfriend is crying?

* Try to comfort her
* Try to cheer her up
* Try to ask her what is happening dat make her cry
* Hug her tightly, so dat she can cry on my shoulder

2) 2) Your girlfriend is hiding something from you?

* Try to force her to tell bout it

3) 3) You see that your girlfriend is not in the mood?

* Try to always be by her side
* Try to make her happy and laugh again
* Try to understand her feeling

4) 4) Your girlfriend doesn’t keep in contact you for a few days?

* Call her lah !
* Send a text to her
* Ask her whether I’ve done sumthing wrong
* Try to ask her to meet up

5) 5) Your anniversary is coming soon?

* Ask her for a date
* Prepare a present so dat she feel dat I appreciate her as my girlfriend
* I’ll make sure dat I’ll be free for da whole day, so dat I could spend da special day together with her
* And I’ll make sure dat I’ll always remember da special date

6) 6) Today is your girlfriend’s birthday?

* I’ll surprise her with sumthing, so dat she can remember da moment for da rest of her life
* Make she feels dat her bf is care bout her, so dat she feels that there is sumone who appreciate her
* Try not to mess up her mood

7) 7) Your girlfriend is not feeling well?

* Advice her to take her medicine
* Try to find da right time to visit her, so dat she could feel better
* Do sumthing dat she feel dat I care bout her

8) 8) Your girlfriend doesn’t treat you well?

* Ask her what’s going on
* Discuss with her how does she behave
* If I’ve done sumthing wrong, I’ll ask her for an apologize
* Try to improve da relationship back to normal

9) 9) At the end of your date?

* Kiss her
* Hug her
* Make a joke before leaving
* Tell her dat I love her so much


1) 1) To keep in touch with your girlfriend when both of you are apart?

* Send her text every day. At least just a morning text of I miss you text
* Call her, so dat she think dat im not forget bout her
* Spend da time together with her at least once a week

2) 2) To show that you care and you love your girlfriend?

* Try not to hurt her
* Give her an attention
* Try not tp forget all da special date
* Not mess up her


1) 1) If you are on the phone with your girlfriend, and it’s going to be the end of the conversation?

* Say that I love her so much
* I miss her
* Take care
* I’m so happy to hear your voice
* Thank to her for spending her time on the phone