Real of me (:

Im just a small girl who live in this big world . I need all the help I can get to survive this cruel world. I want to enjoy my every second period year of school as much as I can now . Anyway , my birthday is on 3rd February. Over already. . So do wish me a happy birthday when the time comes :) Im taken now . So do try your best to win my heart another times . haha . I do love all my friends in Face Book , My Space or in the real world . I cherish my friendship with all my friends everyday . I need them as I need my family . I do love music . I hear them everyday but I do have weird influence for music . So dont be surprise that you are hearing weird songs in my profile. fyi I dont approve peeps. I accept who I wanted .So just chill and just add other person than me.for those who steal my photos,better watch out . Dont use them for bad things . So thats all from me folks . thanks for reading . Do ask for my ym/msn/fb. I might give it to you :)
I do photoshop all my photos in myspace-unless stated . This is because I dont want people to see my weakness in taking photos . You should do too . Show your strength not weakness .Myspace is just for fun . For those of you who think that you've been fooled by my photos. Its your choice . I cant help it . anyway , I dont photoshop someone else photos nowdays . Im kinda lazy and busy with my homework haha . But I rarely finish my homework :D
I love music with all my heart and soul . I hear them everyday . My music taste varies according to my mood and condition at the moment . Some of it you might not heard it before . I do support my local music . If I dont support them , who else right ? No offense I listen only to good music and Im not trying to be a buyers just to listen to a genre only . I prefer a mix of things.And FOR YOUR INFORMATION, JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT GAY ! He's totally MINE :D