Luahan Hati

If I'm not made  for you then why does my heart tell me that I am? by Grace's  Tophography

i- Fuckhearts

You stabbed me deep down inside.

My heart was torn,
Cracked and broken,
My mouth sealed

I collapsed in pain,
With streak of blood shredding.
You confronted me
Saying everything's gonna be ok

As I lay there in silence
Waiting for the bloods to dry
Waiting for the stiches to heal
As your promises gives me hope

Now you're with her,
With the happiness I became to hate
My already torn heart smashed into pieces,never to be cure
Your footsteps on my blood,
Leaving bloody trails behind

You left me waiting
Wasting seconds and hours
I'm once an idiot
But the moment you left me waiting
I learned to be wise
To leave you, to move on

ii - The Angel

You sat there alone,
With that mysterious glance.
My heart leaped,
What is this feeling ?

Time won't give us chance
Time envy the moment we were together
Every moment with you meant a heartbeat
Every word spoken promise another star to shimmer

Your face haunts me.
Every night in my sleep
I suffocated with beaded sweat.
I make believe that you're always by my side
What is this feeling ?

You sat there alone,
Your angel wings flap open
How I wish you could read my heart
How I wish this feeling is mutual

You're the light to my darkness
But always the shine in the daylight
You're my sun, you're my star
Am I falling for you ?

Flap your angel wings darling,
Take Me Away,
Fly me up high
Say that beautiful word please

Because You're  Mine by toriimooooore