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Understanding Boyfriend
1)Always Listen to Everything your Girlfriend Says.
2)Remember that the Little Things Count the Most.
3)Realize that All Women are not the Same.
4)Be There to Comfort her Through the Good and Bad.
5)Know your Relationship, and Know What She Needs. =)

Understanding Girlfriend
1)Learn to identify your different moods.
2)Recognize your fears and insecurities.
3)Ask for forgiveness when you have made a mistake.
4)Know that everybody can think and act in different ways.
5)Love yourself and you will learn to love whoever is around you.
6)Let him know you are supporting him all the time.
7)Do not constantly criticize him.
8)Respect his own space.
9)Do not push the wrong buttons.
10)Do not judge him.
11)Learn to know his points of view.
12)Do not play at being a mind reader; be a listener