Most girls would love to hear this from the guy she like :

  • *Boy and Girl are walking around the mall*
  • Girl: Hey, do you think that girl is pretty? I do! *Points out pretty girl*
  • Boy: She’s alright.
  • Girl: Oh… Okay, how about that one? Shes really pretty! *Points out another girl*
  • Boy: Haha, that girl’s not pretty or ugly. She’s average.
  • Girl: Oh… you have really high standards.
  • Boy: I guess you can say that.
  • Girl: Okay, fine. Once you see one, point her out!
  • Boy: Haha, alright.
  • *Boy and Girl walk around some more*
  • Boy: OH! I found one!
  • Girl: Really?! Where?!
  • *Boy puts arm around Girl’s shoulder*
  • Boy: Right here.
  • AWWW!! : D