So Hard To Leave, You Might Be My Last And Forever.

Hey friends:D Happy kot malam nii :D Im officially taken by Farhan. I love him a lott ;) . Seriously sayang you sangat sangat :D . I takkan minta break selagi U tak minta break. Im so happy today 02 August 2010..

P/s: To all the bitches out there. Kau nak dia ? Langkah mayat aku dulu ye sayang(:

I love you so much . you jangan buat apa yang my ex's buat okay . I know u different from others. I scared to lose you
. I Do Love Youu, i would never make you sick of me. Cause i really do love youu and for sure u love me too (: Thanks For Everything Sayangg.
You are my one and only, ILoveYouuuu :')

P/s: I love you so much Farhan. Please don't leave me.