Cyka :')

Hey little Brat. Let's have a conversation. A deep conversation between you and me. Okay?

Now, I know that you have already knew about how I feel being with you. About how I feel about you. Yet, you didn't react. You treat me like I'm your best friend. You make me laugh of your stupid dimbo jackass jokes. Sometimes, I forgot that I hated you. You really know what kind of person I am. Yeah, that's dangerous.

Some people say, you're getting too close to me, and I'm ignoring my best friend. And some people say, you're trying to avoid me from getting with her. Okay, now I felt guilty towards her. Seriously. I think this is all because of you.

Even if I keep cursing and cursing after you, I cannot get you out of my life. Darn it. How can this happened? Babe, you didn't ruin my life. Yeah I know. But you're turning my life into trashes! It didn't kill me. It makes me suffer. Well, that's make me hates you.

You used to be my friend. But suddenly you turned into my silent enemy. My closest enemy. Oh shoot. Wanna know something? I HATE YOU!

You sucks. Seriously, your sister too. She's the most annoying person I had ever met. She's becoming you. That's why her friends hated her. Oh, now I know.

And fuck! How did you do that? How did you make me forgot that I hated you very much? How did you make me forgot that you're my enemy? How did you make me forgot that you sucks?!

Fuck the truth. Fuck that you're my friend. Fuck you're sitting besides me. Fuck everything.

Again, fuck the truth!