About me and Lady Gaga :D

I have a story between me and Lady Gaga.

One night, I went to a Halloween Party. I've drawn spades and hearts all over my face. So that people will recognise me as POKER FACE. As I step inside the Party, I saw a BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH girl. She walked towards me. She smiled. She was drunk so she talked nonsense. She said that she used to play LOVE GAME with her ex-boyfriend. Then, they had a really, really BAD ROMANCE so they broke up. After having a chat with her, a handsome boy dressed like a MONSTER asked me to DANCE IN THE DARK. I was SPEECHLESS. I looked at the girl. Then she said, "What the hell. JUST DANCE with him." So I followed the boy. When dancing with the boy, I was like soo STARSTRUCK. After that, I went inside and sit beside the drunken girl before. She drank so much that the waiter ask her, "Where is the MONEY, HONEY?". So, she paid the waiter. A few minutes later, my TELEPHONE rang and it was my mom! Dude, I'm screwed up! I told the girl that I have to go. Then she pulled my hand and got the hell out of the party. Outside, I saw many PAPARAZZItaking picture of us. The girl pulled my hand again and hide behind an alley. When she took out her mask, then I only knew, SHE WAS LADY GAGA !