I Wish The Most Complicated Thing in Life Could Be Much Easier

Boy: Hello.
Girl: Oh hey.
Boy: I like you.
Girl: Really?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Me too. *Blushing*
Boy: So, we like each other?
Girl: Yeah, think so.
Boy: Be my girlfriend, then.
Girl: You be my boyfriend first.
Boy: Okay. *Smiling widely*
Girl: Let's go.
Boy: Go where?
Girl: To each other's heart so that we can be in it forever.
Boy: *Smile with joyful tears then hugs her tightly*

I wish it is simple as that. How sweet :')
Today, my friends figured out that many boys are into me right now. I'm not trying to be a bitch by saying that but, errgghhh. Shit. Ridiculous. I just want him. His smile was