Just Gimme That Freakin Gun so I Can Shoot Myself. End.

Haha. I wanna laugh like a hell-born satan right now. Everybody hurts me. Aww that's sweet. Those who I used to call 'friends' fucked me up. That's adorable.

And you, just tell me if you don't like me. Don't ignore me like I'm a stupid dumb-ass bitch who really wants you desperately. I'm seriously not that kind of idiot person. You know me and I know it.

And, hey, you big fat slut, do you still wanna be my friend or what? If you do, then act like my friend. Don't be such a loser and lifeless. Be yourself and don't try to be me because I won't ever let you to. Get it?

Okay, God, take my soul now. I'm happy.
I hate you CHYKA :)